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I think that an editor of a main woodworking magazine should know more about the question he's attempting to answer.I found his reply seriously incomplete. Logosol In any case, does anybody right here know of an off-brand supply of sanely priced blades that will suit the Ryobi AP1300? Economically priced and in packs of four, will suit the Axminster AW168PT planer thicknessers or equivalent machines from other brand names.

1593, 1594, 3258, 3272, 3272A, 3296, 3365, 53514, and 53518.Substitute for Bosch PA1205.Higher Pace Metal Hand-Held Planer Blades.Skilled Use Extended Life A established of two Calmshell Packaging.. These carbide tipped planer and jointer knives will final roughly ten occasions for a longer time than our premium HSS knives and characteristic higher-quality micrograin carbide that has been completely bonded to a rugged steel physique.