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issue for England of Europe is Kjøpe Fotballdrakter invest something and we have seen
We have always said we want investors in football. Of course we want good investors in football. We didn't want and still don't want people coming to football promising things because we have sadly had cases in many clubs in many countries. This is not an issue for fotbollskläder England, for Italy or for France. It is really across the European game. We had people who came who promised a lot of things and perhaps have gone bankrupt.
We have to build on the strength of financial fair play and we have to look into how we can make investment possible but with reasonable, sustainable, appropriate guarantees."
Infantino said that whatever is done must ensure that the competitive balance of Europe magliette calcio is improved even more, that clubs can maybe retain some players, even invest in new players in order to get results and generate more revenue.
We want to move from the vicious circle that we had some years ago to a virtuous circle," he said. It is a fair argument to say, ‘If you want me to improve revenue, I first have to invest something.' That's a fair argument.
You can invest something fotballdrakter barn and, with investment, you can generate more revenue so we bring more clubs to compete at the top table."
Asked if takeovers were put off during FFP, Infantino said: Maybe. This is what we were hearing, ‘Why should we invest if it's forbidden. If I invest, I am in breach ... there are consequences.'
A little bit of it was just a perception because we have fodboldtrøjer seen the revenue of football has gone up … I don't think there are many economic sectors in Europe today, in a period of financial crisis, can show a 5% increase in revenue year by year