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Individuals have been asking me recently why have I been promoting eBooks on my webweb site and also why have I partnered up with iTunes and are now linked to the iTunes store. Some have even stated I have sold out and I'm no longer independent. This article is to address these points. Firstly, the concept of promoting out is not the identical as increasing my business. In relation to being an artist it appears that the majority of acts/ bands are nonetheless being fooled by an old mannequin of what music and particularly what selling music is all about. As the mercury award goes into another year we find story after story about document sales falling.

A case in point is Estelle and her hit single American boy, regardless of the observe being successful on either side of the Atlantic the album has not been promoting so, as all report companies do as of late, they panicked and have pulled the one from the US iTunes within the hope that people will turn their attention to the album if they are unable to obtain the single. Kid Rocks Album was not sold on iTunes and he sold a really respectable 1.7 million. So, I suppose the businesses are pondering 'let's comply with the same path and make it unattainable to get the jungle music on the worlds largest obtain website'. The fact that there is a policy iTunes have where you can not just sell full album which in a sense encourages individuals to just buy the person songs they like. As an artist I look at the album as one piece of work and would find it irresistible to be purchased as a whole, nevertheless the musical panorama has modified and I consider should you do not make what your followers need available to them then you're cutting your personal throat.

For my part it is about time the music industry died, or ought to I say old music business because that is precisely what it's, the old music industry. In truth is it dead now? Plainly the lid is closing on the coffin of the industry. Its final dying breaths are being sustained by gross sales of simple listening, middle of the highway music to house wives by way of supermarkets like the Asda and Tesco chains and in so doing making it straightforward to pick your copy of James blunt or James Morrison as they purchase their weekly food store and the latest trend of new artist that sound just like useless idols.

This is why for me it is important to alter with the times and try new methods of getting the music on the market and if the means making companion ship with companies like iTunes, then why not? Unlike document firms the new digital area just isn't going to sign you right into a contract that robs you of your rights as an artist.

In a courageous and visionary move prince just lately gave away a complete album free as a complement in a Sunday newspaper bypassing the usual distribution channels and likewise did a 21 night time stint in London retaining your entire door takings. This can be a very different approach to the business which is, in a phrase genius. Prince is an instance of an artist who's considering outdoors of the box, in the case of getting his music out to the general public and he's a lesson to all musicians. Granted, he already has a worldwide fan base and has had major label success however the question should be asked: If prince was beginning out on his profession now would he feel the necessity to signal to a report contract?