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He is the practicing sexologist along with a part time professor of medicine at the University of Louisville School of Medicine, he also got more courses in the Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine. Furthermore, with 15 years of click here for more information experience, he's a acknowledged philanthropist and also invests time and efforts into serving folks worldwide as his principal extracurricular activity.

Since he researched urology in the Geisel School of Medicine at Dartmouth University, also, he took additional lessons at the University of Alabama School of Medicine and is well-known for his customized strategy and his capability to be truthful to the affected individual, without worrying for the feasible effects.

As an important medical professional, he visits the different professional medical seminars and often presents his viewpoint on the issue during the numerous seminars organized by the worldwide known health-related companies. He's the writer of various textbooks on several medical related topics and his opinion is very important within the specialised circles.

Named the main specialist in his field, he also creates weblogs along with posts for the major health care publications. He had the unique honor to be quoted by the national news organizations and also a variety of talk shows.