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Based within the 12 months 1980, Hublot is quite new within the Swiss watch-making business, but already ranks on the list of leading watch manufacturers of the world. Hublot — pronounced as ‘ohh-blow’ is considered to be dwelling to some of the most extraordinary combos and supplies ever used in the watch-making world.

Hublot — The Artwork of Fusion
Hublot successfully brings collectively the art and folklore of innovation and horology. Since 1980, the Swiss firm has been designing highest-quality watches, which outshine attributable to their ornate design and glorious selection in nice materials. Hublot understands the shopper’s needs well, and this consistently exceeds the expectations with luxurious and exclusive watches.

The important thing principle behind the Hublot’s unparalleled success is the "art of fusion". It has frequently elated the watch lovers with adroit materials combinations and witty collection concepts.

Hublot — Uncommon Mixture of Materials
Their timepieces mix avant-garde designs with an ideal claim to precision and quality. Hublot was the first luxury watchmaker to mix pure rubber and gold — and thus the idea "artwork of fusion" was born, taking tradition into the future. They have combined materials like King Gold, Magic Gold, zirconium, carbon fibre, tungsten, tantalum, titanium, magnesium and more traditional materials comparable to platinum, gold, diamond, ceramics, rubber, metal and lots of different valuable stones.

Hublot was constructed on neither rich tradition nor heritage, but on the beast power of invention, innovation and savvy marketing.

Hublot — "Big Bang" Boom
Launched in 2005, BIG BANG — multiple award-winning Hublot watch is a perfect example of the Fusion concept. The Hublot Big Bang, now the signature assortment of the famend brand and a watch-making icon, has accomplished thirteen years of success.

The Hublot Classic Fusion or Hublot Big Bang shouldn't be merely effective wristwatches; they're a type of potent statements that gained’t go unnoticed ever. Hublot timepieces are plucky, innovative, and stout in quality. Hublot prides itself on disruptive design.

Thanks to the efforts of Jean-Claude Biver. With his steerage and expertise, this young watch-making company has effortlessly set itself other than other premium watchmakers and has thus; build a strong and distinctive model image.

Since the inception of the model, Hublot has made itself identified as a revolutionist with best-vendor collections like King Power, Big Bang and Hublot Ferrari mannequin lines. Hublot by no means stepped back from being different. The distinctive designs and matchless innovations confined in these watches are what make this model stand out from other watchmakers.

Hublot — the First Rubber Strap Watch
Hublot made the first-ever rubber strap watch. Hublot always loved experimenting and taking part in with uncommon supplies which cemented the way for the world’s very first rubber strap watch. Nyon-based Hublot has boomed since that first rubber strap, however it nonetheless hypes the identical boldness with all types of precious material "fusions". Right this moment, the rubber straps are synonymous with almost any diver or sport’s watch.

Hublot Watches — What Makes Them Totally different?
One of the tempting factors of the Hublot watch brand is the truth that these timepieces are exceptionally wearable. Their watch embrace components designed especially for daily use, corresponding to scratch resistant gold and rubber sports straps. This allows the wearer to get pleasure from elegant, premium watch, with out worrying about any acute damage.